Dream Assignment

50 Easy Speech Topics for Students

There are several interesting and easy topics for speech for students. Following are some of the speech topics on which students can write speeches with taking Assignment help from any Assignment Writing Service.

  1. The right to housing: In most advanced countries, housing is included in the basic laws of each country as a right of all citizens. However, we all know that this right is not fulfilled.
  2. The homeless people and the high price of housing: This can be good axes for this debate. In addition, ideas can be provided to minimize the impact of this problem and make housing more accessible for everyone.
  3. Technology, computing and internet: the impact of the internet on people, new technologies, use of social networks or most used apps
  4. Consumption and purchases: online shopping, changes in shopping habits or impact of advertising
  5. Politics and finances: news, corruption, changes in laws, economic situation or economic cuts
  6. Research and innovation: ethical implications of cloning, use of genetics to solve problems or robotics
  7. Medicine: advances in medicine, traditional medicine vs. alternative medicine or research of rare diseases
  8. Television and the media: current programs in television or radio, press situation in western societies or use of digital content
  9. Education: educational reform, resources to learn languages, who are responsible for the education of children or the importance of certain subjects in the school syllabus
  10. Environment and nature: pollution, climate change, global warming, recycling or Greenpeace and other associations
  11. Work: unemployment, situation of women in the labour market, work conciliation, salary difference between men and women, immigration or employment
  12. Travel, live abroad: destinations to go on vacation, countries with job opportunities, difficulties to move to another country or your ideal vacation
  13. Lifestyle, diet and sport: how to eat a healthy diet, exercise to be healthy, eating disorders, effects of stress or consequences of sleeping little
  14. Animals: rights of animals, pets that become famous on the internet or how to combat the abandonment of animals
  15. Beauty: advantages of plastic surgery, models in social networks, use of Photoshop in the photos of magazines or beauty canons and their effects on society
  16. Family relationships and friends: better plans with friends, marriage now, changes in current families vs. traditional families or your best moments with family or friends
  17. Success, way of life: current opportunities for young people, what is necessary to succeed or how to combine work with personal life
  18. Technologies: What impact do new technologies have on the lives of human beings? This question has been taking society for years, practically since the Industrial Revolution, but it has gained enormous strength since the Digital Revolution of the late twentieth century
  19. The technological change: Incorporation of new technologies and the Internet to almost all aspects of our lives. But is everything positive in that sense?
  20. Technological devices: benefits and risks: What advantages and risks does the presence of technological devices imply in all corners of life? How does our way of thinking, acting and feeling influence?
  21. Effects of tobacco and alcohol: It is known that tobacco and alcohol are legal drugs, widely used in the world for centuries, but we also know the damages that excess consumption causes in the organism, as well as the risks to which indiscriminate use can expose us
  22. Questions related to use of tobacco and alcohol: How should tobacco and alcohol be used to run the minimum risk to health? What are its possible consequences? What measures does WHO and other organizations that take care of human health take?
  23. Climate change: For some time now, the red alert has been raised: we are changing the world irreversibly and the consequences can be costly and unpredictable. Global warming, a critical issue in which some believe and others prefer not to do so, is based on scientific findings that can be interpreted.
  24. Some important questions related to climate change: Why it is convenient or not to believe in climate change? What can be its consequences and what are the main current evidences that the world increases its temperature annually? What measures would have to be taken by governments and what by families at home?
  25. The bullying: We all know what it is and we know the forms it has, as well as its new digital variants or cyber bullying
  26. Bullying and abuse: It often occurs under the noses of teachers, parents and other students, who ignore or turn a blind eye to the terrible emotional consequences that this can trigger in individuals, just in their most constitutive stages of personality
  27. Causes, prevention and implication of Bullying: Why does bullying happen? How can we prevent it and why is it an important social problem? Where does the spiral of violence lead?
  28. Depression and eating disorders: Adolescence is a difficult time, in which we are vulnerable to many disorders and emotional problems that, without attending, can threaten our training as individuals and also against our lives.
  29. Mental health issues: Depression, anorexia, bulimia, are much more than names: they are a problem. And to fight it better we must be able to recognize them.
  30. What are mental health symptoms, its possible consequences and its forms of treatment?
  31. How can we help a friend who suffers some of these diseases?
  32. The scourge of war: War is a scourge that has accompanied man from his primitive societies, and that brings out the worst of him to confront his peers.
  33. Complexities of War: War is also an economic mechanism, which enriches some despite devastating the lives of thousands of people.
  34. What recent conflicts have occurred in the world and why?
  35. What are the consequences of recent armed conflicts and what is the response of the international community?
  36. What are refugees and how can they be helped to rebuild their lives destroyed by war?
  37. Teen Pregnancy: The world’s adolescent populations are at significant risk of altering the course of their lives forever: early pregnancy
  38. Basic information about teen pregnancy: Given that sexuality is discovered at this stage and this topic is often taboo in societies, the information that is often held is scarce or biased.
  39. What are the figures of teenage pregnancy in your country and your continent?
  40. How can this problem be addressed and provide better sex education to communities?
  41. How can we prevent an unwanted pregnancy?
  42. Original American Cultures: Who inhabited the American before and the beginning of the culture of United States of America?
  43. Culture of USA: Our original cultures were diverse, variegated and often more technologically and culturally advanced than we think
  44. Which were the main cultural aspects and what destiny did History provide
  45. What are the main pre-Columbian Latin American ruins and what survives from the cultures that built them?
  46. How can that legacy devastated by the brutality of the conquest be preserved today?
  47. Venereal diseases: STDs or Sexually Transmitted Diseases are a risk for populations of all ages, which can often lead to traumatic situations and even death
  48. Education about STD: Education in this regard is essential, but being linked to sex is still an uncomfortable, taboo subject, which should nevertheless be dealt with
  49. What are the main venereal diseases today and what are their possible symptoms and consequences?
  50. How can we prevent STDs and what are the main risk behaviours?